Black Widow is one of the most depressing Marvel movies.

I hadn’t watched it since it came out but I’ve been working through the movies again during the holiday and today was Black Widow watch day. Holy fucking shit…this movie is so depressing. The opening scene of the kids being torn apart from their “parents” and then the montage of child trafficking set to “smells like teen spirit” which is so upsetting it feels like it’s documentary footage. I’m sure it’s supposed to be hard to watch, but damn.

Then you have the actual story of Natasha and her sister. Natasha has lost everything and is on the run, so is Yelena who literally guts someone in her first scene. And because it came out when it did, we know where it’s heading. Yes she takes down the red room, but at the end when Nat takes off the in the plane to break people out of the Raft, it’s not hopeful or exciting. It’s just terribly sad because you know her life is almost over. And she just goes on to die in Endgame in a tragic and kind of unnecessary way (I’ll argue this forever, if she was going to die she deserved a better death scene than a repeat of Gamora’s).

When the movie was over it just leaves you feeling so damn sad. Nat was a trafficked child who became a killer who became a hero and never got any portion of her life that was just happy. She never had a family like Tony or met the love of her life like Steve, or found peace and mental health after what had happened to her like Bucky. She just died a really tortured individual.

I just feel like she deserved better.

Black Widow is one of the most depressing Marvel movies.

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