How I would’ve brought Rhino in Spiderman: NWH

Instead of Green Goblin coming in to blow up the highway during Tom and Doc Ock’s fight, I would have Rhino come in instead and fight Tom’s Spidey for a little then have Doctor Strange transport Rhino, Spidey and Doc Ock to the dungeon.

Then in the scene where all the villains are talking about the last thing they remember Rhino talks about how he was about to fight Spidey in Times Square and he can bring up how a billionaire (Harry) put a bounty on Andrew’s Spidey and he was gonna use that money to retire and stop doing crime.

And in the scene where all the villains are in Happy’s condo, Tom finds out Alexi is actually trapped inside the Rhino suit and his mind is being controlled similar to Doc Ock

Then in the lab scene Andrew would not only create a cure for the Lizard but a key for Rhino’s suit too. During the final battle we get a Andrew vs Rhino fight and Andrew releases Alexi.

Alexi is grateful and promises Andrew he will stop living a life of crime and gets sent back to his universe

How I would've brought Rhino in Spiderman: NWH

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