1 to go… slowly collecting the Infinity Stones myself. Details below…

1. The Tesseract I designed and 3D-Printed. Quite tricky making a cube with an internal lighting rig… looks better to the eye than on camera.
2. The Aether was 3D printed from a model online, I then modified a camp stove light to turn into a lighting rig.
3. The Orb with Power Stone was a model I found online, I then dremmelled out chunks to allow for wiring and the 2 halves to connect via magnets. The stand for that is based on the magnet Quill uses to grab it.
4. The Eye of Agamotto is the official Hasbro Legends release which is a good replica in my eyes.
5. Just arrived today is Loki’s scepter. Fully metal barring some of the parts around the stone. I might actually replace the stone too as I’m not in love with the one it comes with and I think I could get it brighter.
6… well, I have a plan and it doesn’t involve chucking anyone from a cliff.

1 to go... slowly collecting the Infinity Stones myself. Details below...

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