Thanos 1 and Thanos 2 – good vs evil time loop

I have recently gotten into the marvel series and I’m curious about the whole Thanos snap and how he got to the future.

I also binge-watched agents of shield and absolutely loved how they played with time. I was attempting to me a Thanos timeline to better understand the movies, but I don’t really know enough and tbh, the first marvel movie I saw was gaurdians of the galaxy 2, the second was endgame, and the third was infinity war.. so maybe someone with more marvel knowledge can help me get this timeline together.

Basically, I had a few questions with a few possible explanations which were.

Why is Thanos so confident, yet depressed?

How does Thanos know to bring Gamora?

How does Thanos know Ironman?
– his response is sly like he’s leaving out some of the details.

So, my question is when Thanos scanned nebula, he must have learned a ton of information. Did he use this to travel to the future via pym particles and the science the avengers came up, which ultimately leads to him dying to iron man and the world being saved?

It seems from agents of shield that when you go forward or backward in time branches get created and loops need to be closed. This is also talked about in endgame with hulk and the bald lady on the roof.

Basically, that alternate Thanos (Thanos 1 – in orange), would have been created to close the loop, meaning he should be stuck in a time loop for eternity until things play out for the loop to end and iron man snapping away Thanos or basically what Thanos saw when he scanned nebula. Remember, she was there when they thor cut off his head, meaning she saw everyone who survived the eventual snap to erase half of all life. Basically Thanos 1 always has to make sure he does what he does, and he knows what he has to do thanks to nebula. He knows that if certain people are there at his final moments, they need to survive, which seems to be the main reason why Thanos has so many opportunities to kill people and just let’s them escape certain death like an old james bond villian would

Unless I’m completely misunderstanding this, which is possible because I’m new to the series, then Thanos 1 should be “good” and Thanos 2 which was his future self becomes his past self and Thanos 1 which was Thanos 2’s future self, now becomes his past self. Woah, that was confusing to type out and I’m not even entirely sure I worded that right.

Anyway, this could imply that Thanos is living in a sort of prison/hell where his only out is to snap away life and have the avengers succeed, allowing Thanos 2 to die to the hands of Tony stark. This means Thanos might be a little more “good” than we’d think. He knows he has to sacrifice himself in order to close the loop, or create that one in 14 million shot

Uploaded crazy person looking rough sketch of what I’m trying to describe.

Thanos 1 and Thanos 2 - good vs evil time loop

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